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Please visit the official COVID-19 government website to stay informed:
Stay informed:
CSC Enterprises (Pty) Ltd now offer COVID - 19 management packages to assist companies with workplace readiness. Our workplace package include:
  1. COVID-19 Policy
  2. COVID-19 Risk Assessment
  3. COVID-19 Management Plan
  4. COVID-19 Workplace Management Training for Management / Supervisors
  5. COVID-19 Workplace Awareness Training for all Employees
  6. COVID-19 Management Documents
    1. Compliance Manager appointment
    2. Compliance Officer Appointment
    3. Return to Work Screening Questionnaire
    4. Employee Screening Declaration
    5. General Workplace Cleaning Register
    6. Eating Facility Cleaning Register
    7. Pre-travel Screening Register
    8. Pre-use Material Cleaning Register
  7. Awareness Training Program (Toolbox Talks)
  8. Informative Signage
  9. Latest COVID-19 legislation

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