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by Admin | 11 April 2019

Mentorship, a topic that is close to my heart as I believe everyone needs a mentor. Some time ago I reached out to a colleague, associate and long-term friend to mentor me. Someone who I’ve worked with for many years and who I have regarded as a leader in our industry. To my disappointment, he, after consultation with his partner, informed me that “we don’t mentor competition” And that right there is exactly the reason why the industry is lacking experienced providers. Let me explain…

I reached out to Mr. Peter Dobson who without hesitation agreed to be my mentor and I was able to complete my candidature and attain my Pr.CHSA. Mentorship is an unselfish donation of knowledge, guidance, and training by an experienced person within the industry. Knowledge must be transferred in order to grow this profession and we can’t let our insecurities hinder the growth of this profession. There is enough work out there for everyone, in actual fact, there is a shortage of competent registered professionals.

Mentorship is more than just the transfer of technical or Health and Safety specific knowledge but includes business knowledge. We all need to provide for our families, our future and have a responsibility to sustain life as we know it. Most of us have lost a contract/s at some point due to reckless under-pricing by competitors. Under-pricing is a reality which we cannot run from and proper mentorship might be an instrument that we can use to combat this challenge. Mentors can teach mentees to price properly, to quantify and qualify services and time relating to the services, to tender properly, to pitch/sell to clients, etc.

Proper pricing will alleviate the pressure of hunting for a large number of projects at ridiculous rates and will allow the professional to focus on the few projects he/she can handle. This will result in better quality services delivered which will result in safer workplaces. This is the ultimate goal; to make the workplace safer and to get everyone home safe, every day.
CSC Enterprises offer excellent mentorship and internship programs which our staff and others outside of our group of companies will continue to benefit from. Our internship program gives aspiring Health and Safety Professionals a good basis to launch their careers. With guidance and training provided by our mentors. All of which whom are especially experienced persons in the field of Health and Safety.  

Feel free to contact us for more information:

Tel: 021 820 7060


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