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Important (mostly neglected) Inspections

by Admin | 20 June 2019

Inspections with regards to health and safety in the workplace are one of the most neglected legal requirements in the industry. The Occupational Health and Safety Act, regulations and manufacturer specifications identify what needs to be inspected at certain intervals. By not following these requirements set by law can be detrimental for any employer if something had to happen to an employee or even public. 

Management, supervisors, and employees must abide by the law to ensure all equipment, environments, plant and any other hazards is inspected to mitigate and control any risks associated with the workplace of an employee. It takes a small amount of time and is more cost effective to inspect these items before and during work versus the time lost due to injuries and or damage to property, this excludes the time and costs associated with possible penalties, insurance, and legal fees. 

Inspections should not be a paper exercise and should be done thoroughly and recorded for record keeping, any faults found must be reported to management immediately and management to ensure the faults are attended to soonest in order to mitigate the risks.

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